Immanuel Prayer Beginning Training – April 2023

Dear friends,

Many of you have heard mention of Immanuel Prayer, and have expressed interest in learning more about it. Some of you may have attended a Beginning Seminar or Introduction to Immanuel Practicum in the past, and would like to reactivate your practice and/or get updated. 

The Immanuel Approach, sometimes called Immanuel Prayer, is the ‘God with us’ approach to life and inner healing. Bible based teaching helps us know that we can encounter Jesus all the time through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

We are pleased to announce an upcoming Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar:

Saturdays April 15th, 22nd, 29th – Live via Zoom

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Central Standard Time

Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar

Co-presented by Anne Connaughton in Ireland, and Malia McKinney in San Francisco, this is the first of six levels of Immanuel Practicum seminars developed by Pastor Patti Velotta. Pastor Patti believes that the Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar is the most important. 

In it, we will:

  • Review the Biblical evidence for intimacy with Immanuel, 
  • Demonstrate how to perceive Him in the Spirit, 
  • Explain the brain science which forms the basis for inner healing, and 
  • Teach how to begin coaching, as well as receiving the Immanuel Approach. 

Pastor Patti has seen Immanuel change lives in the first day of this seminar through intimacy with Jesus. She agrees with Dr. Karl Lehman that the Immanuel Approach is the easiest, safest and most effective approach to inner healing as well.

Full participation in the Beginning Seminar is a requirement to proceed on to the next levels of Immanuel Practicum seminars.

Beginning Seminar Format:

This is a new format, updated to provide the most effective learning and practice opportunity to learn and embrace Immanuel Prayer as a way to experience intimacy with Christ. The Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar consists of a ‘lecture’ component and a ‘lab’ component presented by an Immanuel Practicum Presenter.  

The Lecture portion of the online (Zoom) seminar will be three, 3-hour sessions. 

The Lab portion will be four, 1 ½-hour group meetings hosted by the seminar presenters.  These lab groups will be every other week for two months, (the dates for the labs will be determined with input from the attendees). The lab portion of the seminar allows for the participants to experience practicing the Immanuel Practicum principles, ask questions and enjoy fellowship with the group.  The practice portion can be experienced in breakout rooms, a demonstration session led by the Presenter, or as a group.  Our hope is that participants will meet someone in their group to partner with after the seminar is completed to continue practicing Immanuel Prayer.

Registration: The registration cost for the Beginning Seminar is $90 US per attendee.  This includes the ‘lecture’ and ‘lab’ portions of the seminar, as well as a copy of Pastor Patti’s book Immanuel: A Practicum.  Registration will close 48 hours prior to the seminar starting.

Register here, or email for more information:  or

We look forward to being with you on this journey,

Anne & Malia

Note: Attendance of the first session is mandatory in order to continue on with the remainder of the seminar. There is no video or audio recording of the Seminar is permitted.

If these dates don’t work for you, let me know, or check out additional Immanuel Practicum Seminars & Events: more details: