What is Immanuel Prayer

Immanuel Prayer

First and foremost, Immanuel Prayer… is prayer. It’s that simple. That means it’s not primarily a counseling ministry, deliverance ministry, or prophetic ministry.

The primary goal in an Immanuel Prayer session is to connect with God and enjoy being with Him. This intimate connection with God often leads to healing, counsel, and deliverance, which are secondary benefits to being with God in His presence. Connecting with Him in a tangible way comes before anything else. Intimacy with Jesus is the goal.

Immanuel Prayer is developed on the reliability of God’s nature as Immanuel, which in Hebrew means “God with us” (Isaiah 7:14). By His very character, He is always everywhere, personally present. That means God was with us before we were Christians and even during our worst moments. It means that God is with us now, wherever we are, and will always be with us.

So the goal in Immanuel Prayer is to help people connect personally — not just theoretically — with the God who is present in an interactive way. And ultimately, He leads the prayer time with what is important to Him. God Immanuel is always present. He is presently there to guide, direct, attune, encourage, correct, heal and deliver. He is also there to cascade out His love and reveal Himself to us.

What to Expect

An Immanuel Prayer session is usually an hour long, and can be booked online via zoom, or in-person by appointment. We’ll go through a prayer process that is designed to facilitate an intimate connection to God. Through that connection, healing and deliverance may be experienced. This prayer time consists of :

  • Part 1: Opening prayer to bring forward a memory of a time when you felt close to God.
  • Part 2: Based upon that special “God moment,” you pray a prayer of appreciation (out-loud) of who the Lord is for you and your appreciation of His character. For example, “Lord, you are kind, good, faithful, etc.”
  • Part 3: Connection directly with the Lord, sensing His presence. He is Immanuel… He’s never left you… He is present and with you. Notice where He is with you in the present. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus.
  • Part 4: Ask Jesus directly what He wants you to know, or what His good plans for healing are for you today.

This Intimate connection with the tangible presence of Jesus is often where healing of past and present trauma can occur. To reiterate, Immanuel Prayer is not a counseling session; it’s a time of facilitating an intimate connection with the person of Jesus who counsels, heals, and delivers.

A few things to note:

Everything shared during an Immanuel Prayer session is confidential.

We call Jesus our Primary Therapist. The session is led by Him. He is always kind, supportive and never makes a person do what they do not want to do, or share what they do not want to share. He is never condemning, nor does He ever give homework.


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