The Great Commission

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matt 28: 19-20

Some respond to this call by serving unreached people groups in China, India, Thailand, Africa and the Philippines, as part of the world-wide movement to translate the Word of God into native languages.  When no Bible translation is available for certain dialects, such as in the remote jungles of Thailand, missionaries improvise, devising puppet shows, dance and plays to act out the Gospel in ways that transcended language barriers. Continue reading “The Great Commission”

A Very Personal Testimony of Healing

Warning – This story is one of pain and redemption.  Read it if you are prepared to go deep (and maybe cry a little). 

I recently discovered that I had been keeping God at a distance, and then projecting it on to Him, like the distance was His choice. He surprised me by breaking in to this belief system to show me that He was not the one who chose distance. It was I. But why?

Because of my basic disbelief that He would want to be with me, or that He liked me. The reason for His distaste? Because I was bad. This belief started early, and although it has faded as my faith has grown, it still lingers, like a latent virus or an autoimmune disease.

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At Nail Day in early November, we provide coffee, brownies, prayer, friendship and a quiet, safe space for women to be themselves. For the past two Mondays, we did not have enough volunteers to do manicures, so we improvised, adding a game table, and one-on-one opportunities for women to receive prophetic art and prayer. Despite the lack of manicures, the atmosphere was peaceful and hospitable. One could say that everything on the Lord’s heart within our scope to give was provided.

 But what about socks? Our bin of donated socks reached rock bottom. I had to turn down requests for socks – sorry, we don’t have any to give.

I found my ire raising, along with my voice towards heaven: “Father God, these women need SOCKS! Is that so much to ask? You say you are good, but are you withholding? You say they are your ‘Beloveds’ but why don’t we have socks for them?!” I felt hurt and angry. I found myself crying…over socks.

Later that week, I connected with my niece Gina who operates Anabella’s Gifts, a Marin group which provides clothes, supplies and fellowship for women and their families living in shelters. “Oh” she says, “we’ve been collecting socks for the women at Nail Day,” She handed over two bulging bags stuffed with warm, cozy socks of all colors, many brand new. My eyes filled with tears, not from anger as before, but from humility and awe. God put it on these Marin ladies’ hearts to donate warm, colorful socks for women in the Tenderloin. These socks will bring comfort and hope along with the message: “Your needs matter. God cares for you. You are loved.”

The message of these socks to me? God knows my needs as well as theirs. He is inviting me to trust Him more fully. He is saying “I know them. I love them. I understand their pain, loneliness and loss. And I understand yours.” My Father owns the sock factories on a thousand hills.

During the sock crisis, I reached out to Bombas, the sock people. There was room for very few characters on the online request form I filled out: “Cold women standing in line for a shelter bed. Wet tired feet. Need socks.”  A poem was birthed.

BJM Poem

The Lord knows
Tired feet standing in line for a place to sleep,
Waiting for a shelter bed off the street.
The Lord knows
Stories waiting to be told of pain, loss and abuse,
When Hope appears to be no use.
The Lord knows
Which hearts will be moved to give
A smile, a prayer or something warm.
Friendship is a place where hope's reborn.
Socks and hearts are gold on the streets.

The Bombas sock shipment came in the day of our special holiday outreach. Warm socks to go around.