Year 3 Begins

Februray 2018 marks the 2-year anniversary since joining Because Justice Matters. What began as a 2-month volunteer commitment has blossomed into a fulfilling and challenging staff position, and a life-changing journey of the soul.

Year 2 was marked by wrestling with God, mostly about my qualifications, or lack of them, as an urban missionary. Although we may have heard the adage “God does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called,” I can’t find that in the Bible.  It wasn’t false humility, it was lack of belief. I did not want to come across as self-important or self-appointed. After coming to God with every possible excuse of why I was not good enough to serve Him in this way, I finally gave up arguing and accepted that He deserves the glory for everything that I do anyway, and my level of excellence is really a reflection of Him.  Matter finished for now.

Year 2 was also a year of concentrated practice in Immanuel Prayer, as taught by Pastor Patti Velotta, David’s and my mentor and teacher. I’ve gained hours of practice and consistently see people experience greater freedom and joy as a result of this approach. My own faith and confidence has grown exponentially in the process.

At the beginning of Year 3, I am beyond excited and inspired about what lies ahead at BJM and in my prayer practice as a City Leader for Immanuel Prayer.  Receiving my own healing prayer regularly is giving me a greater sense of peace and joy, freeing my from past shame and burdens. Yes, I still struggle, but know that community is a key part of how we are to overcome.

Here’s what I see ahead:

  • BJM will host wildly exciting and important events this year and the planning process has already begun.
  • Nail Day is going strong, and moving to monthly on Saturdays has brought us new volunteers and fresh engagement.
  • David and I will focus on expanding the Immanuel prayer culture, by training and mentoring folks interested in going deeper with  Immanuel Prayer.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership. Please reach out to me if I can encourage you in any way.  You sure are a life-giving encouragement to me!