Immanuel Prayer


David and Malia McKinney

My husband David and I are City Leaders for Immanuel Practicum, a prayer ministry centered on intimacy with Jesus. Immanuel Practicum has been developed by Pastor Patti Velotta, based on thousands of hours of biblical study, personal experience and working directly with Dr. Karl Lehman, the brain scientist and MD who originated the Immanuel Approach in collaboration with Jim Wilder.

David and I are prayer evangelists, dedicating our lives to growing in our understanding of Jesus’ true character as Immanuel, Christ with us. Immanuel prayer is considered the safest and most effective way for lay people to establish a living, interactive connection with Jesus as the source of personal healing and intimacy.  It is not complicated and can be easily taught and experienced.  Immanuel Practicum is shared world-wide throughout a variety of denominations.  In fact, Immanuel Practicum has been an invaluable healing resource for people of all cultures, including those who have who have experienced extreme trauma in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Iceland and Mongolia!

Since joining Pastor Patti and her leadership team in 2015, we’ve hosted Immanuel Practicum training in San Francisco. David and I continue to advance our own skills as trainers, coaches and facilitators, in addition to actively pursing our own personal healing through regular Immanuel sessions.

We offer ongoing training and follow-up groups to share the Immanuel Prayer culture and are dedicated to Immanuel Prayer as a life style for personal healing.  Our greatest joy is seeing people empowered and set free as they increase their capacity to experience the healing presence of Jesus.

For more information on Immanuel Practicum, upcoming training and events, or to schedule one-on-one Immanuel Prayer session, please visit: